Amazon Echo Frames Review (2nd Gen): An Echo Dot for Your Face

I want smart glasses to be a thing. I want those Tony Stark holographic-augmented-reality-AI-assistant-talking-glasses to be a real thing I can wear on my face. So far, every real pair of smart glasses has fallen woefully short of the mark.  Amazon’s Echo Frames are the latest smart glasses to follow in that storied tradition of […]

Government Demands for Amazon Data Shot Up 800 Percent in 2020

The last few years have seen a scourge of account takeovers across social media, with no more visible example than last year’s audacious Twitter hack. This week, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok took part in a coordinated action to reclaim hundreds of accounts that had been used to facilitate trading of those ill-gotten handles within the […]

A Historic Union Vote Gets Underway at Amazon

It might be the most tracked shipment in Amazon history: 5,800 mail ballots are being sent out to the union-eligible workers at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, fulfillment center on Monday. In the coming weeks they’ll be used to decide the largest US union election at the 26-year-old company, the country’s second-largest employer. It’s an unlikely vote, […]