T20 World Cup: Scotland beat Namibia in the T20 World Cup

FIFA Men’s T20 World Cup, Abu Dhabi
Scotland 109-8 (20 degrees): Lake 44 (27); Trumpelmann 3-17, Freelink 2-10
Namibia 115-6 (19.1 plus): Smit 32*(23), Litc 2-12
Namibia won 4 wickets

Namibia kept its cool to defeat Scotland by four wickets in the final during a tense Super 12 match in the men’s T20 World Cup.

Namibia, who are competing like Scotland at this stage for the first time, faltered in their pursuit of 110 but snuck home with five balls to spare in Abu Dhabi.

They were 67-4 in one stage and their goal was halted with two wickets down late, but JJ Smit scored an unbeaten 32 from 23 balls to seal the win by six points.

Scotland let off a terrifying start to the bat before swinging to 109-8, thanks in large part to Michael Lisk’s 27 ball and 44.

George Muncie threw the first ball of the match and it was Scotland 2-3 when Robin Trumpelmann received two more stakes in the opening match.

humbly by Afghanistan In their opening match in the Super 12, Scotland face New Zealand, India and Pakistan in the remaining Group B matches.

Namibia had never won a World Cup match prior to this tournament but can now add that victory to the historic victories against the Netherlands and Ireland which led them to the qualifying stage.

Namibia opens up more new horizons

Namibia entered the match as a slight underdog, ranking 16th in the world to 12th in Scotland, but despite wiggling off the bat, she finished the match with a photo shoot after another historic win.

When captain Gerhard Erasmus was thrown by the left trooper and opener Craig Williams opened the other side of Mark Watt in the twelfth and thirteenth game, respectively, there was an outside chance of a Scotland win.

But Smit stayed quiet, even as David Wise fell for 16 with eight still needed.

In fact, Namibia won the match with the opening Trumpelman blast.

The fiery tailor with his left arm found a swing and made good use of it. After Muncie played, Callum McLeod slipped behind him and Richie Bearington – Scotland’s reserve captain with Kyle Koetzer who missed the field with a finger injury – was a light pound to a ball that bounced back.

Leask’s strong innings, which included four four-strokes and six in the legs, saved Scotland from a 60-time replay against Afghanistan.

He also took 2-12. Had Scotland mustered another 20, their bowling offer might have sufficed.

“Very proud moment” – reaction

Namibia captain Gerhard Erasmus: “It was emotional during the group stage. We put those feelings away a little bit. The boys put in an excellent performance.

“It’s a very proud moment and we are going to enjoy it with a small group of people here and all the Namibians back home. It’s a small but proud country.”

Scotland captain Richie Burrington: “It was a disappointing day for us. We were probably 20 or 30 out of the way. It’s very difficult to recover after a first time like this.

“Credit to Namibia. They put us under pressure. We struggled to recover and couldn’t score in the first rounds.”

Player of the match Robin Trumpelmann: “I really enjoyed my time there. It’s great under the spotlight. It’s the World Cup, so why not enjoy it?”

“This win means a lot to the team. Hopefully we can get more. It’s huge for us.”

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