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T-Mobile’s 5GUC icon for iPhone 13 is for the superfast 5G.

Image for article to see a new 5G icon on your T-Mobile iPhone.
Image: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo.

T-Mobile is adding a new signal. IPhone 13 To let you know if you’re getting very fast 5G speeds or just regular 5G speeds. Now a new 5G UC icon will appear in the top right corner as T-Mobile users get the fastest 5G service of their career.

In 5G UC, UC stands for Ultra Capacity. Verizon has its 5G UWB indicator (for 5G Ultra Wide Band), And AT&T uses 5G +, which is the fastest flavor of 5G, to tell consumers that they’ve been tapped into the MMV spectrum. AT&T also has a regular 5G indicator and of course the 5G E icon. The last one is actually LTE and not 5G at all. Still confused?

Of IPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineup. It will be the first smartphone to launch the new 5G UC icon, but T-Mobile says.Will be shown on more devices in the future.

Currently, T-Mobile’s 5G coverage is divided into several different bands that offer different combinations of coverage area and speed. Of career Slow down Sub 6Ghz 5G spectrum. Used to help expand the overall range of its network, while the company uses. Mid band and MM view spectrum. To deliver Significantly faster Speed ​​T-Mobile is ready to switch on. The 3 9.3 billion C-band spectrum it bought back in January., Which means T-Mobile users. Should meet Even extensive and fast 5G performance.

Although there are many different ways to tell what kind of 5G network you are connected to, at least T-Mobile is not polluting the water as much as AT&T.

Also of interest to iPhone 13 buyers T-Mobile also announced that it will offer. Same day repairs at the store. To spoil Phones Starting November 1 at the company’s more than 500 retail locations.

It is important to note that in order to take advantage of T-Mobile’s repair service, customers must purchase T-Mobile’s $ 7 /Month pCirculation plan, which can be purchased at the time of repair or after purchase. Leasing a new qualified device from T-Mobile.

In addition to in-store repair access, T-Mobile’s protection plan includes unlimited screen protector changes, live tech support via the Protection app (available on both Android and iOS), Apple Care-enabled Apple devices, and even Changes included. In case of theft, loss, or accidental damage.


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