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Sydney covid insurance updates and case numbers

National Senator Matt Canavan clashed with ABC TV host Patricia Karvilas after he criticized Sydney’s lockdown and likened Covid-19 to the flu.

Appear on the letters of the alphabetجد afternoon briefingMr Canavan slammed the “overly dramatic” Covid-19 awareness ad released overnight about a young woman gasping for air, saying it was not “realistic” and that “any kind of scare campaign unrelated to facts will ultimately fail”.

“We know that Covid doesn’t affect young people more than influenza – we don’t run ads about influenza like this,” he said.

“I mean, there are people who are clearly affected by this virus, like other viruses, but I think it has crossed the line.”

Karvilas said there are “alarmingly few young people actually in hospital” in Sydney at the moment, including a teenager.

“You have said that young people end up in the hospital because of influenza and other viruses,” Mr. Canavan replied.

“We have to put things back in place here. I think there is a lot of panic about this. Two years ago we lost two Australians a day to the flu. Every day two people die from the flu. There was never any news reports about it. It was not at all in our nightly news. It wasn’t part of the discussions we were having. But two people die every day.”

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“We have to get back to the understanding that the coronavirus will be with us,” Mr. Canavan said at one point.

“It will lead to deaths, tragically even after everyone is vaccinated because vaccines are not perfect,” he said.

“When are we going back to that? We won’t be completely out of this forever. It’s not an option.”

The Queensland senator also criticized the Sydney closure, saying the costs and benefits were not balanced.

Mr Canavan suggested that responsibility should be “turned back to the people”, saying that “those at risk” could “choose to stay home”.

“But to impose a police state on everyone after more than a year of the virus, we know a lot about it, we have a lot of treatments, and that adds nothing,” he said.

“We’ve had one death this year from Covid so far. And the cost that’s been imposed – a lot of deaths from lockdowns. And unfortunately, people are in really bad situations and nobody seems to be talking about this pressure being put on these people in those circumstances. “.

He asked, “How many people will reach the end of their rope during the lockdown? How many people will lose their livelihoods and work in life?”

Karvilas said there are 63 people currently in hospital.

“If you stop the lockdown, it will be thousands of cases and thousands of deaths, right?” She said.

He replied, “Like I said, two years ago we were losing two people from the flu every day – we didn’t shut down the country.”

Photo: Aaron Francis/Australian
Photo: Aaron Francis/Australian

Karvilas pressed, “So now you think we should be ready to accept more deaths and open up? I’m honest because I have to. The virus can kill. It doesn’t always kill but it can.”

“Certainly — and so are the shutdowns,” Canavan said.

“There is no world where there are no deaths. Both options have these things. It’s a tough moral dilemma but no one seems to be raising the fact that the lockdowns themselves are so costly to people’s mental health, to their health…”

Karvilas interrupted, “I’ve been in confinement for a long time, and no one needs to explain it to me more.”

Labor Senator Jenny McAllister accused Mr Canavan of a “really disturbing attempt to create a wrong choice for Australians” between deaths and economic hardship.

The “third way”, she said, is to vaccinate more Australians.

Canavan noted that “these other countries that Labor points to have high vaccination rates” such as the UK are still experiencing coronavirus deaths.

Karvilas, who earlier questioned why the Australian government’s vaccine rollout was so slow, noted that the UK had “failed” as well.

“I don’t know why we have to compare ourselves to people who have done a bad job,” she said.

“If you have thousands and thousands of citizens dying, you’ve done a bad job. You’ve failed.”

Economist-turned-Federal Senator Matt Canavan is now standing near a train station to do the ABC Cross for reasons that weren’t immediately explained. (He also went back to saying that Covid is just like the flu)

– Amy Remeikis (@AmyRemeikis) 12 July 2021


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