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Swedish artist Lars Vilks dies in a traffic accident: report

Stockholm – Swedish artist Lars Felix, who has lived under police protection ever since for him 2007 Sketch the Messenger Mohammed Swedish media reported that the body of a dog, which had been threatened with death, died in a traffic accident on Sunday.

It was reported that the accident involved a truck colliding with a civilian police car that was inside Lars Felix And for him The media said the police protection was traveling.

The Swedish news agency TT said that the police confirmed this WolfThe 75-year-old was traveling in the car with two police officers, and Dagens Nyheter newspaper said the artist’s partner confirmed for him the death.

The cause of the accident was under investigation.

Wolf It was largely unknown outside of Sweden before Muhammad him fee. at home, he is She became famous for building a statue made of driftwood in a nature reserve in southern Sweden without permission, which led to a protracted legal battle. he is It was fined, but the seaside carving – a patchwork of wood nailed together in a chaotic manner – attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually.

WolfLife changed drastically 13 years ago he is Diagram of Mohammed With a dog’s body. Conservative Muslims consider dogs to be impure, and Islamic law generally opposes any depiction of the Prophet, even if favorable, lest it lead to idolatry.

Al Qaeda put a reward on Wolf‘ President. In 2010, two men attempted arson for him House in southern Sweden. Last year, a Pennsylvania woman pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to attempt murder for him.

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