Suspect Gilbert Newton III testifies, reading damning texts during the trial in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Morgan McCaffrey – CBS Philly

Norristown, Pennsylvania (CBS) – The trial continues for a Philadelphia man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend during a knife attack at Meadowbrook train station in Abington. Gilbert Newton III, who is facing murder charges, concluded his testimony Tuesday afternoon.

On July 27, 2020, the body of 18-year-old Morgan McCaffrey was found by police with more than 30 stab wounds and injuries.

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Some of the most emotional testimonies came when the prosecution presented text messages from Gilbert Newton III and McCaffrey, including the day she was murdered, with several members of both families and the jury ripped apart.

Finally, the defense called its last witness, the accused himself.

CBS3 was there as Newton made his way out of a Montgomery County courtroom after making a stand in his own right.

On Tuesday, the jury heard, in his own words, on the events leading up to the death of his ex-girlfriend, McCaffrey, including how Newton took kitchen knives on the morning of July 27, 2020, and hid them in his hoodie pouch when he met McCaffrey in a secluded stand at Meadowbrook Station in Cepta in Abington.

Newton went on to say that he got into her car to talk about their recent breakup and that he intended to commit suicide, but after an argument with McCaffrey, he started stabbing her instead.

District Attorney Kerr Bradford Gray, a partner in the litigation division of Montgomery McCracken, discussed how these details might or might not go into the verdict.

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“The relationship really has no bearing on whether or not a first-degree murder occurred. Was it premeditated or not?” Bradford Gray said.

She also says such cases highlight the prevalence of this type of crime, with the National Coalition against Domestic Violence reporting that one in four women is a victim of partner abuse.

“It really gets people – law enforcement and all the other agencies – to really look closely and be more proactive in dealing with these domestic violence cases,” Bradford Gray said.

The McCaffrey family is still hoping for justice.

“The day was tough, it was tough there. The evidence was presented, and it was one of the worst evidence you could get at trial. But the family is still positive and we hope the jury will see that,” said family spokesman Kevin Ryan.

The court will resume Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. when closing arguments are expected.

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After that, it will be up to the jury to decide the verdict. Sources close to the case say that could come by the end of the day.


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