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Survivor Grace Baptiste remembers the victims while San Jose Church plans to celebrate the anniversary

San Jose, California (KGO) – Grace Baptist Church In downtown San Jose approaching A year after a homeless man was stabbed to death Two people were injured and three others were injured. Before the memorial, devotees prepare to celebrate the lives of the victims.

The Liberty Theater Pipe Organ at Grace Baptist Church filled the church ahead of a special vigil Friday night.

In the hallway, dozens of photos of transgender people who were murdered.

Among the faces is Kimberly Viall, one of two people who died after a stabbing attack last year at Grace Baptiste.

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It still hurts,” James Shelley told ABC7 News.

For Chile, this pain is emotional and physical.

On November 22, 2020, Chile was working as a shelter employee at Grace Solutions when he was stabbed three times. He said his lung had collapsed and he needed surgery on his shoulders and spine.

On Friday, Chili took us across the hall where it all happened. Pointing forward, he said, “At the bottom of this hall, there were footprints of blood.”

Since the appeal, the church has brought in a new pastor. Reverend George Oliver said Grace Baptiste has rededicated herself to the fight for justice for non-dwellers, and the rights of transgender people and people of color.

“Since then, we have been able to come back to life again,” Reverend Oliver shared. “Let’s do our best to grow our church and be present.”

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He said it has been difficult to gauge growth due to the pandemic, especially given that the majority of worshipers were elderly.

“Many of them are still reluctant to return to personal life,” Reverend Oliver told ABC7 News. “But when we look at our worship services both online and in person, we notice a 70% increase in attendance.”

On Saturday, the church will share with Silicon Valley Pride The community is at transgender memorial service from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Then at 7:30 p.m., there’s a concert planned on campus, led by musician Ron Beck.

“We mourn and salute their lives because they have been precious souls to this congregation and this community,” Reverend Kimberly Viall and John Paulson said of the victims. “And we are no longer the same as we have been since they separated.”

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For survivor Chile, he has not yet returned to work due to physical pain.

Chile told ABC7, “Since the injury, I’ve been to the emergency room probably four or five different times. I have blood clots in my neck. Like I said, my lung has collapsed, so I still have problems with that.” News. “Corona has hit me hard – it has taken me out for about two months.”

“And then, just seven days ago, my father passed away,” he added.

Reverend Oliver told ABC7 News, “People like James remind us that life is the process of picking pieces back up on purpose. James did so with courage and conviction, and he’s been a light for all of our followers.”

“Reminding us that we cannot be satisfied with something like sympathy,” the pastor added. “We have to move more towards empathy.”

Both events on Saturdays are free and open to the public.

Reverend Oliver shared: “We cannot say that we are a loyal people, a joyful people, a conquering people if we succumb to ridicule and doubt.” “So, that’s what we choose not to do. We choose to give in to hope and love without apology.”

Chelly shared this Link For a GoFundMe campaign to help with medical bills.

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