Surreal pencil drawing depicting a skeleton full of flowers and leaves

Skeleton drawing by Juno Park

artist and teacher Juno Park He is known for his expressive and detailed ballpoint pen drawings of New York City people and attractions. In addition to capturing real-life themes, he also makes illustrations that explore deep concepts, such as life and death. Graphite drawing 85 x 51.5 inches titled nature of things One such piece. It depicts a human skeleton filled with thriving plant life.

“Placing the skeleton with vine, leaves and flowers represents to me the force of nature and the inevitability of its continuity. I find comfort in nature,” the artist He says. Human skulls are commonly used in imitation Morey’s souvenir, which serve as a reminder in the paintings that one day we will die. By filling his skeleton with plants, Park compares death to new life.

Inside the large-scale drawing are dozens of pencil hole marks. Park uses this shading technique to give depth to his subject, adding to the stunning realism. “This drawing was a journey – like many drawings – that began a little over a year ago… I think our whole world has been reminded of how close death is, and I have had constant reminders of it in the news and media,” he continued.

You can see more artwork at Park’s a fileAnd keep up with his latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.

Brooklyn-based artist Juno Park has created an impressive drawing of a human skeleton filled with flowers, vines, and leaves using only a graphite pencil.

Skeleton drawing by Juno ParkSkeleton drawing by Juno ParkSkeleton drawing by Juno ParkSkeleton drawing by Juno ParkSkeleton drawing by Juno ParkSkeleton drawing by Juno ParkJuno Park: website | Instagram

My Modern Met has given permission to display images by Guno Park.

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