Supply Chain Issues Cause Kitchen and Laundry Appliance Shortages – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Due to supply chain problems, buying a new refrigerator, oven or washing machine could be one of the worst times in history.

Jane McTernan has renovated her Newton home over the past year. But she’s been waiting for the high-end range she’s been asking for months.

“Late orders and delays have continued,” McTernan says, and she’s not entirely surprised. “I’m lucky enough to have Renault work, so if I have to wait, it’s not the end of the world.”

Instead of a new set, McTernan was dealing with other, smaller appliances such as a hot plate, microwave, and convection oven.

All delays are related to the current backlog in manufacturing and shipping.

Dennis MacDonald is Vice President of Sales at Yale Appliance. He says anyone looking for a kitchen or laundry room replacement should be prepared to wait.

“Some of the high-end brands, we hear now between 10 to 14 months,” MacDonald says. “Often, manufacturers don’t give you any information.”

He says manufacturers also choose quality over quantity when it comes to items they produce with limited raw materials.

“The day when a $200 microwave oven or a $300 microwave is readily available is not the case. In many cases they are not even produced.”

The lack of hardware also affects large-scale projects. Rob Brennan of CapeBuilt Construction has seen the opening of his apartment complex in Hyannis delayed due to a lack of hardware and other supplies.

“Now we’re at the point where we’re showing our apartments online. In some cases, a month or two or maybe three months later when we thought we were bringing them online. Because of the need to get that finished product, those and other devices on the site and install them.”

As for McTiernan, her fingers are crossed for her December delivery. Because she has some serious plans for that fireplace.

“Maybe I’ll bake a pie, or a biscuit, or, oh my, a lamb roast! I love, love, love cooking, so I’m really looking forward to having my own stovetop.”

McTernan says her mother-in-law from Ireland is coming in mid-December, making the need for a range of products even more important.

Experts predict that supply chain problems will not improve until 2023.


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