Supply chain and inflation can make holiday shopping difficult

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Nationwide supply and inflation issues may affect the way Houstonians shop on Black Friday.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hits in 2020, you’ll find people queuing or even camping outside their favorite stores on Thanksgiving evening, to get the best Black Friday deals.

This year, most major brand stores including Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Best Buy are closed on Thanksgiving Day and will reopen early Friday morning. Target is a store that opens at 7 am

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Many stores also started Black Friday sales as early as October.

“I’m a young player,” a Kroger customer told ABC13. “So Xbox and Playstations, you should be lucky to beat you up. To find something.”

Another difference this year is that supply chain and inflation will be a nationwide problem for both stores and their customers. According to Wallethub, about 11% of items in major stores will be more expensive on Black Friday than their current prices on Amazon.

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That’s why experts recommend shoppers to compare prices from store to store to make sure you get the best discount and the best product.

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