Suicide Squad’s new poster raises the film’s high death toll

A cocky new poster for The Suicide Squad calls on fans not to get too attached to the characters as it promises once again a large number of bodies.

new suicide squad Poster raises high death toll for DCEU movie. Things will be a lot different for the Suicide Squad in DC as they make their second big screen appearance this summer. James Jean in the director’s chair Instead of David Ayer, the cast includes a whole host of new characters – many of whom weren’t affiliated with the Suicide Squad in the comics.

Gunn has already been given a lot of freedom by DC and Warner Bros. When it came to assembling his own team of super crooks and mercenaries, leading to the arrival of deep personalities like King Shark, Polka-Dot Man and Weasel. But not only was the writer and director allowed to put any characters he wanted into the movie, he was also allowed to kill any characters he wanted. Gunn has had a lot of fun in recent weeks teasing fans about killing some of their favorites – and some fans have shown a lack of humor by responding to Gunn with real death threats. Even the Gunn who didn’t distrust him lately was Harley Quinn apparently untouchable can meet its end in suicide squad.

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Gunn’s R-Rated Newest Poster suicide squad Not only does the follow-up acknowledge the film’s high body count, it totally leans toward the death of the promised characters as a marketing point. “Don’t get hung upSays the poster’s logo, Suicide Squad is seen like many neglected action figures. Look at the image in the blank below:

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It remains to be seen whether The number of bodies in it suicide squad It really is that high or if this aspect of the movie is somewhat exaggerated for trolling and/or marketing effect. For his part, Gunn joked that there would be some meaningful deaths late in the movie, even claiming that two deaths made him cry.

Manipulate the death toll of important figures in suicide squad It is on the one hand a smart marketing move. It refers to the idea that the movie has real risks, unlike other superhero movies where fans know that their favorite movies are not going to die. And he confirms the extent of the freedom that Jean had in making the film as he wanted, after he complained about that first suicide squad It felt like it was being messed with by the studio.

On the other hand, the potential downside of such a marketing strategy was already proven by the death threats that Gunn received due to his promises of the character’s death. And just in general, it’s been shown in the past that trolling for fans isn’t usually a great idea (parts of star Wars The sequel trilogy certainly didn’t benefit from the perception that they were messing with fan expectations.) However, when a file movie like suicide squad And a director like Gunn, a bit of sarcasm and catch seems just right — even if some don’t seem to understand the joke.

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