Suffolk Police say an SUV crashes into Copiage’s home, and catches fire after 4 cars collided

A four-car crash on the Great Neck Road in Copiage on Wednesday night ended with an SUV “completely on fire” on a homeowner’s property, police said.

Suffolk police said the four drivers survived with serious injuries, although they were all taken to local hospitals.

The collisions began around 8:39 p.m. near Dixon Ave. When an adult was driving a Chevrolet SUV, it hit the back of the vehicle in front of it.

Police said this caused a chain reaction and two other vehicles collapsed from behind.

“A Chevrolet veered off the road and stopped at a residential property and it was completely set on fire,” police said.

They said “several” fire departments and ambulances responded.

None of the drivers’ identities were revealed.


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