Student protests against the USC Sigma Nu . chapter continue

Students at the University of Southern California have protested against what they say are systemic issues in Greek life and accused campus officials of failing to act and make conditions safer for students, according to a live broadcast of KABC-Channel 7 Monday night.

The protest comes days after allegations of drug use and sexual assault spread at the Sigma Nou Brothers House. The fraternity chapter has been put on temporary suspension and National Sigma No officials have said they will fully cooperate with the investigation.

Anger over the accusations continued to mount as students demanded everything from reforming the Greek system to its abolition, the students told KABC on Monday.

Protesters echoed many of the frustrations expressed during a rally Friday where many students told The Times that they felt USC still had not done enough to combat sexual violence on campus and hold abusers accountable.

Friday also saw Los Angeles Police confirm that Sigma No chief Ryan Shevely is a suspect in a sexual assault case.

And on Monday, a reporter from KABC estimated there were about 1,000 students at the protest, which eventually split into smaller groups as participants began discussing solutions for campus safety and what to do about the Greek system.

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