Student arrested for stealing school bus: Ok cops


Oklahoma police say a student has been arrested after being accused of stealing a school bus that was parked outside Stillwater High School and taking it for a walk.

Screenshot from KOCO-TV

A student has been arrested accused of jumping behind the wheel of a school bus and taking it for a walk, according to Oklahoma authorities.

Stillwater Police received a call on Tuesday 30 November about the presence of a bus Taken from the parking lot at Stillwater High School, FOX23 News reports. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the bus as it drove away from the school.

The student, who was not publicly identified, managed to get into the car after someone I left the keys insideAccording to KOCO-TV, citing a letter sent to parents this week. School officials called the police, who learned the bus was headed north.

“Officer locate the bus After a few minutesStillwater Police spokesman Kyle Bruce told the Stillwater News Press.

The police proceeded to stop cars, and the young man was arrested without incident. KOCO-TV reported that officers said he wandered around for 20 minutes.

McClatchy News reached out to Stillwater Public Schools on Thursday, December 2, and is awaiting a response.

KOCO stated that “SPS management does not tolerate theft and will punish any student who engages in theft in accordance with school district policy.” “No one was injured or injured… We are grateful for the quick response and action by the School Resources Officer, Stillwater Police Department and the students.”

The letter concluded that “the safety and security of all students and staff is our number one priority.”

The Stillwater News Press reported that the stolen school bus was returned to the school.

Stillwater is located about 70 miles west of Tulsa.

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