Stuart Butterfield and Brett Taylor are coming to disrupt – Tech Crunch.

When the sales force acquired Slack for about 28 28 billion at the end of last year, the deal seemed significant on its face, given that the corona virus epidemic already accelerated the growing demand for such tools. Which enables people to work remotely and almost 90% of Slack Enterprise customers have already used Salesforce.

Today, the question is: how well are things going?

The sales force just last week announced some initial mergers with Slack, including the introduction of so-called accounts and dealing with Slack rooms in its “sales cloud”, which the sales force says sales teams Customer deals will allow conversations around the cycle. Slack’s SVP in the Self-Force, Rob C. Mann, told TechCrunch last week, more broadly, And there should be a level of basic engagement to help them. ”

But such public announcements do not come to mind. Inside out Company. This is where Tech Crunch steps in. In the tech crunch hurdle on September 21-23, we’re thrilled to sit down with both Brett Taylor-Business and a former Facebook executive who is now the No. 2 executive in the sales force اور and the famous Slack founder Stuart Butterfield, Microsoft. To learn more about their collective mission to compete with, and if anything, the market does not understand the agreement between the sales force and Slack. (Shares of Selfors are slightly higher than a year ago and 16% higher than the S&P 500 earlier this year, up 35%.)

Who reports to whom? How does Slack run independently? How will the two decide the success of the integration, and for how long? These are just a few of the many questions we have for these two well-known executives who have an open conversation with TC that you won’t want to miss.

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