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Strict spoiler mystery leaves fans to speculate on this week’s outcome

This week’s Strictly Come Dancing score is shrouded in mystery as the usual spoiler failed to show up on Saturday night.

While the hosts Tess Daly And Claudia Winkelman to this day still maintains the claim that the weekly hits show is “live,” with references to “last night shows” and similar terminology, the truth being that it’s anything but.

This means that by the time the score is officially revealed every weekend, many impatient fans already know the score.

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The strictly The results were actually filmed Saturday night and every series, the bottom two and the two voted on, finds its way onto the internet in some way.

But this week, there weren’t any leaks from the usual credible sources as fans stayed up late to find out the latest score.

One account on Twitter posted a supposed “result” shortly after 10pm, which was quickly dismissed by many fans, given that the phone lines didn’t shut down until 9.35pm, notably the same account gave a false result last week.

As the time passed after midnight, there were no further updates as fans demanded information, with one joke: “Covid may have been invented only to strictly prevent spoilers…”

Big talking points from Saturday Show included Tango Sarah DavisViewers are convinced Adam and Katya almost kissed and the host Tess was accused of stirring up tension among the judges.

This week’s results will be announced on Sunday night, when Westlife, as well as the new number of hardcore pros and each couple’s destiny, are on the dance floor to perform their new single.

Results appear at 7.10pm after Countryfile.

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