Stream Labs launches monthly tips as an alternative to streaming.

Stream Labs, a well-known live streaming software company owned by Logitech, is launching a “monthly tipping service” for streamers as an alternative way to monetize their fans. Stream Labs Creator Subscriptions will give streamers the flexibility to decide what kind of subscriptions they offer, and will be integrated directly into Stream Labs’ OBS software suite for streaming on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

StreamLabs Creator subscriptions seem as easy to use as the company’s first donation tools or topping feature already on the platform. Creators can enable or disable monthly tips in settings by setting specific subscription prices. One option is to tip viewers as much as you want and send monthly tip notifications during the stream. The money from the proposals is deposited directly into the creators’ PayPal accounts, and Stream Labs says there is no shortage, although payment is subject to payment processing fees.

Streamer can enable and disable monthly suggestions and withhold payments.
Photo: Stream Labs

Another way for streamers to make money from their work, the Stream Labs feature can be significant, especially compared to the 50% reduction that Twitch offers directly through its platform. According to Ashara Urs, Head of Product at Stream Labs, Stream Labs Creator Subscription Stream Labs is open to anyone with a tip page, regardless of their size or how many times they stream.

However, the relative openness of Stream Labs has come with its own problems. The company has struggled to minimize the tasteless use of its payment features, especially for white supremacists and far-right people. As a payment manager rather than a payment processor, Stream Labs has some built-in distance between it and things that balance payment processors like PayPal.

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