Stories behind the houses from your favorite holiday movies

Everyone wants to be Holiday home.

Not surprisingly, many Christmas movies are about families getting together for the holidays. This has led to the emergence of many of the most popular holiday movies Being in famous homes.

Whether it’s the Macaulay Culkin he left behind while his family goes on vacation or Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to get the perfect gift for his son, many of these movies have been shot in real homes and locations.

Home Alone

The McCallisters’ home in “Home Alone” is a real house located in Winnetka, Illinois. Fortunately, the area is not known for targeting bandits. The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Also, none of the door handles are electrified or overheated nor are there any giant spiders roaming the halls.

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Christmas story

Anyone who had cable in the late 90s and early 2000s watched this movie a few times. The iconic home of the movie, located in Cleveland, Ohio, has been restored Museum dedicated to the film It was also opened across the street. Guests visiting the house may notice a memorable lamp in one of the windows.

Jingle all the way

In this 1996 classic, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father who’s too focused on work to spend time with his son or get him a Christmas present. Fortunately, the workaholic nature of his personality paid off and he was able to purchase a beautiful four-bedroom, five-bathroom home. The actual home is located in Edina, Minnesota, and is estimated to be worth more than $2.5 million.


National Christmas holiday spelling

The Griswold family could not enjoy a nice and relaxing holiday, even when they were staying at home for the holidays. In the movie, the Griswolds live near Chicago. In fact, the house was located in the Warner Brothers district of Burbank, California. It is located in a neighborhood owned by Warner Brothers and used in several film and television productions.

die hard

“Die Hard” takes place during Christmas and is a Christmas movie. The film takes place in the fictional Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. In fact, Fox Plaza in Los Angeles stood in place of the imaginary tower. The building has been featured in other films, such as “Airheads” and “Fight Club.”


Batman Returns

Like “Die Hard”, this movie is set during the Christmas period and thus is a Christmas special. Unfortunately, Wayne Manor is not real. Gotham City is not real. However, happy birthday.

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