Stimulus Reflex launches Mor morphs for faster web development

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Stimulus Reflex launches Mor morphs for faster web development

Russia feels positive about the Honeyman Stimulus reflex

You can’t change how the world makes software 5% better. Stimulus provides a 500% productivity benefit on tools such as reflexes, reaction tools.

Hopsoft LLC, creator of development tool Stimulus Reflex, today announced the release of the milestone. The new v3.3 morphs offer 400-500 produc 500% productivity gains compared to larger teams working with previous generation tools like Relect (Facebook) or Angular (Google). Using shapes makes it possible for individual developers and small teams to create fast user experiences in a fraction of the time. The setting of their current skills.

Developers can use stimulus reflex morphs to take action on the user, such as clicks on the server or tap run code functions, just by adding a simple keyword to their page. These functions have been greatly improved, UI updates can take less than 4 millimeters – two-way faster than the 250 millimeter gold standard recommended by Google.

All you need to keep this page up to date is the minimal HTML that is sent over the net.

Looking at the 10% / year application development software market, Stimulus Reflex creator Net Hopkins says, “How can you not create software by making the world 5% better.” “You have to change the basic pattern and be five, ten times better, faster and cheaper. This is exactly what we are doing with the stimulus Surfolux morphs.

Video link: Russian Honeyman feels positive about Stimulus reflex

Rail on Ruby: Great Surplus

Hopkins, a leading web development expert, has used the Ruby on Rail web framework to build multiple technology companies over a decade. Released in 2004, it has been very popular and influential since its release. Companies like Shopify, Airbnb and Gut Hub run on trains. In a recent analysis of the top 50 Y-Combinator-funded companies, 16 of those 50 companies used Ruby to generate B92B value – 52% of the total and a close competitor. More than 3.5x than Python.

“Rails has always been the best choice for high-yield web development, but the popularity of Reaction meant that for a time, Rails didn’t look like a cool, hipster-like choice,” said Stimulus Reflex Core team member Listabad. Reflects “All we did was take the rails and make it better than the reaction,” he said. We keep the entire state on the server, sending only the latest HTML to the user’s device. Managing client estate used to be 80% of my job … bad 80%. It’s hard to say how much better it is without being emotional. Developers are already reclaiming Years of his life

Stimulus Reflex turns SPA’s story from “Everyone’s Doing” to “Oops”

In the early days of the web, people would click on a link and a few seconds later, the web server would send the HTML data to the web browser to display the next page. Developers used increasingly complex techniques to make these pages feel more like MySpace and more like Gmail, which seemed like a real desktop program. Struggling to handle the complexities in the weight of its success, Facebook released a framework for creating Response – Single Page Applications (SPAs) in 2013. It quickly became a common choice for CTOs who figured that if it’s good for Facebook, it’s better for them too. SPA works by transferring the business logic and UI state to the user’s computer or phone. Unfortunately, SPAs are designed to reduce their hereditary complexity by hiring larger teams to implement them.

“Yes, our goal is to help developers send complex features. Julian Rubish, a Vienna-based developer and member of the musician’s core team, says it will be more fun with smaller teams and of course.” Are also sensitive to the new privacy regulations and the uncertainty that arises in the United States. Should developers rely on Facebook funding and steering as one of the main tools people use to build the web? It’s annoying.

About StimulusReflex

Developed by Net Hopkins in 2018, Stimulus Reflex (SR) is an open source framework that has been downloaded more than 90,000 times, with an increase of over 5,000 / week in installs. Boasting 44 partners from the United States, Canada and Europe, SR is used by more than 500 developers to create at least 250 products and projects. Companies using SR include Peoplefurst (HR), Podia (e-commerce), Passage (event ticketing) and Oli Order (sales).

Queries: +1 (818) 8 Reflex

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