Stefanik’s PAC promotes GOP candidates to help turn control of Congress in 2022

Republican House of Representatives Conference Chairman Elise Stefanik On Wednesday, eight women agreed to run Congress Next year, the newest recruits in she has Attempting to inflate the ranks of conservative women in the House of Representatives the Republican Party.

Multiple sclerosis. StefanikElevate PAC has been on a mission since 2019 to recruit and elect female candidates. she She said Republican women will have a critical role in restoring the party’s majority in the House of Representatives next year.

“E-PAC-accredited candidates are determined to build on the historic success of the last cycle, when we doubled the number of elected Republican women CongressMultiple sclerosis. Stefanik He said in a statement. In 2020, the Republican Party Women were the makers of history, and in 2022, the Republican Party Women will be the majority makers.”

Candidates endorsed by Ms. StefanikAll PAC affiliates are working to overturn Democrat-controlled seats:

• Esther Joy King, who is running for retired Representative Sherry Bustos in Illinois,

• Amanda Adkins works in the 3rd District in Kansas, currently represented by Representative Sharice Davids.

• Carolyn Levitt participates in New Hampshire’s 1st District, currently controlled by Representative Chris Pappas

• April Baker is competing in the 3rd Nevada District, currently represented by Representative Susie Lee.

• Lisa Schiller works in the 7th District of Pennsylvania, currently represented by Representative Susan Wild.

• Monica de la Cruz, running in District 15 in Texas, currently represented by Representative Vicente Gonzalez.

• Jane Keegans is running in Virginia’s second district, and she is currently represented by Representative Eileen Luria.

• Jenin Lawson is running in the 10th District of Virginia, currently represented by Representative Jennifer Wexton.

Republicans have stepped up their efforts to recruit more diverse candidates Congress In the last years.

Other places, such as the Catalyst PAC, are seeking to recruit candidates from various “racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual backgrounds” to expand representation at the national level. the Republican Party.

Democrats have long led Republicans in recruiting candidates of color and women with groups like Emily’s List and Emerge, which support Democratic women.

Illinois Representative Lauren Underwood has launched an American Mosaic PAC to recruit more Democratic candidates of color. Ms. Underwood, 35, who represents suburban Chicago, became the youngest black woman elected to the House of Representatives in 2018.

“When we elect representatives who are a reflection of their communities, we win. The American Mosaic PAC website reads that our diversity is our strength.

Multiple sclerosis. StefanikElected in 2018 at the age of 30, she was the youngest woman at the time to be elected to the House or Senate. she She is currently the highest-ranking Republican woman Congress.

she has The new roster of recruits included some familiar faces.

Ms. King, an attorney and attorney in the US Army, ran against Ms. Bustos in 2020. She said mobilization efforts around conservative women had only grown since the last election cycle.

“There are a lot of conservative women standing up and saying no, and this particular race, we’re one of the best competitive spots in the entire country,” King told the Washington Times. “I am honored to be someone who is stepping up to meet this challenge to become a female voice and a voice for female veterans of the Congress. “

Ms. Bustos announced her intention to retire earlier this year.

Mrs. Levitt, who wants to flip the first district of New Hampshire, previously held the position of Mrs. StefanikDirector of Communications and Press Secretary in the Trump White House.

“Caroline was a proven fighter working in my office and she saw it she has Bring the same energy and passion she has Her own campaign for CongressMultiple sclerosis. Stefanik said in she has statement of support.

Since its founding, E-PAC has raised and donated more than $3 million to Republican candidates.

In 2020, 11 of the 15 seats that switched from Democrat to Republican were female candidates endorsed by the PAC, more than double the 13 women serving on the convention in 2019.

So far, nearly 200 the Republican Party Women applied to run for office in the 2022 election cycle, a record for the party.

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