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Starfire & Raven Teen Titans are gothic/jock icons in the new fan art

Raven and Starfire’s friendship is one of the best in the comics, and it captures a stunning new piece of fan art – featuring them as style icons.

Legendary friendships abound in the comics, and perhaps the most enduring friendships are between them black Crow And starfire, from teen titans, and a gorgeous piece of fan art that reimagines the duo as icons of style; Raven has a classic gothic look, and Starfire operates in a more gameplay-oriented, yet still whimsical, look. Although the two are in a completely different context, the piece perfectly captures what makes Raven and Starfire’s friendship one of the best.

In the early 1980s, DC Comics hired writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez to revamp the sleepy Teen Titans franchise. Started in November 1980, Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans A smash hit with both fans and critics, DC finally gave away a book that could Compete with Marvel’s X-Men, then enjoy tremendous success. Wolfman and Perez took existing Titans, such as Robin, Spidey, and Donna Troy and mixed them with newcomers Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire. The creators then gave the new recruits some of DC Comics’ most compelling backstories: Cyborg’s struggle to come to terms with his new body, Raven’s attempt to escape her father Trigon’s demonic legacy, and Starfire dealing with a lifetime spent in slavery and servitude. These shocks formed the bonds between all the Titans, but Raven and Starfire in particular, and a wonderful piece of fan art that celebrates this amazing friendship.

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artist Romy Jones Share the widget in an Instagram post, citing The last Gabriel Piccolo Monster boy loves crow Graphic novel as inspiration. Starfire and Raven go hand in hand. Starfire gazing ahead, ready to face whatever comes their way; She was wearing a T-shirt and jeans with the NASA logo, and a jacket had a message on her shoulder. Raven, beside her, looks to the side, a curious look on her face. Her look is classic Gothic, with a black halter top, black pants and a necklace, along with black nails. Fans agree, with over 7,000 likes.

Raven and Starfire have both progressed in comedy, leaving behind the “teenager” label long ago. Fun Jones return the crow and Starfire to all their teenage glory, showing how the duo would dress up today. Starfire has always exuded confidence and beauty, even after the horrors it has endured, and Jones has captured that. Starfire is a person of opposites: she’s still upbeat in the face of it all and her look here, balancing a character jacket (something considered “jock”) with a NASA logo shirt (which some might consider “eccentric”) shows it. On the other hand, Raven looks for any threats that you may think they can infiltrate. between Starfire eyes the future And Raven are searching for the present, nothing can stop them.

The teen titans Raven and Starfire characters balance each other out. Starfire helps Raven deal with the darkness within her, and black Crow has helped starfire Sort out her past traumas. In the process, one of the comics’ most enduring friendships was formed and Romy Jones’ incredible fan art brings out everything cool about her.

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Source: Romy Jones

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