Star Wars: Bad Beach Release Dates – When Does Episode 13 Target Disney Plus?

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Star Wars: Bad Beach Release Dates – When Does Episode 13 Target Disney Plus?

New episodes arrive every Friday.


We are nearing the end of the first season run of the latest Disney Plus Star Wars series on September 16. Disney picked up the best way to celebrate fourth By premiering Bad beach, A smart CGI animated show by Mandorulin Producer Dave Floney.

New installments are released once a week on Fridays, which will help bridge the gap between the other major franchise shows. Falcon and the Winter Soldier And لوکی, Who arrived Mutter reviews.

Bed Beach episode release schedule

Here is the schedule for releasing episodes for everyone 16 episodes In the first season of Bed Beach, with release times:

What is the bad batch about?

Star Wars: The Beach comes from Mandarin producer Dave Falloni. If that wasn’t enough to consolidate its credentials, it’s a spin-off of the animated computer series “Clone Wars,” which you can also find on Disney Plus.

Bad Beach, using the same CGI-dynamic style, is set up after the events of Revenge Seth and charts the missions of the Clone Soldiers who made their debut in the Clone Wars. These hires were mature with all the genetic variations, and his voice was represented by De Bradley Baker, Ming Na Wen (as a smaller version of Phoenix Shend, the role he is playing in Mandlorin), Stephen Stanton and Andrew Cashino have voiced.

Latest Trailer

Here’s the latest promo for hyping the second half of the season:

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