Stadia 3.24 Android TV is ready to use the phone as a controller

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Stadia 3.24 Android TV is ready to use the phone as a controller

One of the most exciting promises of Studia on Android TV is that you can get great video games directly on your smart TV, all you need to buy is a controller. The latest update to Stadia for Android is trying to play the game as a controller on your phone.

About APK Insights: In this “APK Insights” post, we’ve dropped the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we advertise these files (in the case of Android apps, called APKs), we are able to see different code lines in this indicator on possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not send these features, and our interpretations may be incomplete. We will try to enable works that are nearing completion, however, to let you know. What will they look like when it comes to sending ships? With that in mind, read on.

Bridge mode

Over the last few months, we’ve been tracking the rise of “Bridge Mode” in Studia for Android. Effectively, this feature allows you to connect your phone to your Android TV (or possibly any studio device) as a Wi-Fi controller.

There are two main ways to send the original button press through Study Bridge mode. If your controller is connected to your Android phone via USB or Bluetooth, the Studia app will also connect these controls to one of the Studia sessions. This will be useful for Chromecast Ultra, which currently only supports Wi-Fi controllers, and Studia for Android TV, which does not support USB controllers.

Alternatively, Studia Bridge mode can turn your phone’s touch screen into a game controller, and move your press to the game. This can be useful in any situation where you have more players than game controllers, and it can also be useful for those who just want to see if they have a Study Controller before buying it. Works on connection or not.

With Stadia 3.24, now through the Play Store, all the important developments we’ve made have to do with Bridge Mode preparations. Specifically, let’s see how it relates to Android TV App Studia, as it will appear in the setup process and throughout the app.

Choose the one you want to play with and we’ll help you connect it to this TV.

No controller? Use the touch gamepad on your phone

You will need to connect to a controller or phone before playing

1. Open the Studia app on your phone.

2. Find a notification in the app, or tap on the controller icon.

3. Once on the controller screen, select “Phone Touch Gamepad” and follow the instructions.

Use the phone as a controller

Use your phone as a controller

Use your phone to play

Pre-issue notice

There is also a new text in the Studia app that should be displayed in the special case of getting a pre-release copy of a game. It is not clear if this is intended primarily for games offered to members of the press, or if Google is preparing more games for a closed beta test on Studio.

Access to this content has been granted at the request of the publisher prior to your release. This access may be subject to a disclosure agreement and is for publisher-approved business purposes only. Access and privileges may be revoked at any time and the content may not work as expected (e.g., progress in the game may be terminated).

Thanks to JEB Decompiler, which some APKs take advantage of.

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