Squinting on small fonts? 7 Ways to Enlarge Your iPhone, iPad or Mac Screen

The zoom magnification tool in iOS is like a digital magnifying glass.

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With an increase from last year Remote work Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are spending too much. Time to look at the screens. And while we’re navigating the screens. ” Blue light that causes headaches And small print on websites, we must remember that there must be technology. Accessible to blind and visually impaired users.

Fortunately, Apple added a number Accessibility features In its iOS 15 release you can search and customize. Settings> Accessibility. Zoom is a new accessible feature that has been redesigned. iOS 15. (And no, we don’t mean more virtual meetings.) Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s zoom feature:

Apple’s Zoom Tool: What is it and where can I find it?

Zoom feature lets you enlarge specific areas of your screen. You can customize the view by enlarging the full screen or dragging window. Zoom also allows you to turn on gestures, such as tapping three fingers twice, rotating around your screen, and switching magnifications to enable zoom.

To find the zoom, open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, tap Accessibility and select Zoom.

How the zoom tool works

You will turn the magnification feature on or off to make it better for you.

  • Follow the focus. Allows you to track your choices, such as your text insertion point, as well as your typing.
  • Smart typing Becomes available if you turn on follow focus. It lets you switch to window zoom when the keyboard pops up. Window zoom enlarges a portion of the screen in the window that you can drag to spread the need to look like a digital magnifying glass. Also, once the keyboard pops up, you can tap twice to increase where you are typing, but the keyboard remains intact.
  • Keyboard shortcuts Only apply if you have an external keyboard attached to your iPad. If you have one, toggle options for finding and customizing keyboard shortcuts, such as toggling zoom, moving your window, resizing your window, and more. If you zoom in on your Mac, you can turn on zoom keyboard shortcuts, enable scroll gestures, hover text, and zoom on the touch bar. For example, the toggle zoom option is + command + 8. Pressing this combination allows you to zoom in and out. You can also choose whether you want to increase the image mode to full screen, split screen, or image.

In iOS 15, you can find the Zoom feature under the Accessibility tab in Settings.

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  • Zoom controller Gives you instant access to controls such as what is enabled for single, double and triple taps on the screen. You can also choose to display the controller on the screen. It has a small icon on the screen that helped me move the window around the screen. When you enlarge a portion of the screen, think of it as a small map to keep you focused. You can choose from five different colors to make the icon more visible as well as change the opacity.
  • Zoom region Allows you to choose between window zoom, full screen zoom or pin zoom. Window zoom will magnify a portion of your screen, but you’ll still be able to see some non-magnified screens and pan over that area. The full screen zoom eliminates the window and works like double tapping to enlarge the image and pan around it. Pinned zoom lets you select a specific part of the screen – top, left, right or bottom – and keeps the part without a pin in a regular size.
  • Zoom filter Allows you to customize the color of the magnified section – inverted, gray scale, gray scale inverted or low light.
  • Maximum zoom level A simple slider that lets you customize magnification anywhere between 1.2x to 15x.

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