‘Squid Game’ sets a milestone for the original Korean series on Netflix as it aims to have streaming record books – Deadline

During a question-and-answer session at the International Television Academy last spring, NetflixBella Bagaria, head of global television broadcasting, was asked if a non-English language series could one day top the list of the most-watched programs on live broadcasts. She seemed confident that this could happen. The master teacher may now be on hand like a new korean drama squid game He took Netflix by storm, increasing viewership globally at a rate that may exceed the current record holder Bridgeton.

The addictive and violent survival drama, which premieres September 17 on Netflix, transcends cultures and language barriers to reach #1 in 90 countries in 10 days – from Qatar and Oman to Ecuador and Bolivia.

nourished by word of mouth, squid game It entered the US Top 10 on September 19 at number eight. It climbed to number two the next day, and reached number one on September 21 – the first ever original Korean series – where it has stayed ever since, surpassing today’s one-week mark. Its strength in the lead can be compared to global Netflix films such as Bridgeton, Shadow & Bone, Jenny and Georgia And Who killed Sarah?

lupine, Which earlier this year became the first French series to reach No. #1 in the US, is currently tied for the second most-watched original series on Netflix with 76 million households watching at least two minutes during the first four weeks of the show’s launch. With the help of the ever-growing Netflix subscriber base, squid game It’s on track to transcend that to become the biggest non-English language Netflix series – and maybe even the top Bridgetons record 82 million families.

squid game It will definitely be the largest non-English language show in the world,” Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO of Netflix Monday said. “It’s only been out for nine days, which is a very good chance that it will be our biggest show ever.”

squid game It also benefits from the growing popularity of non-English language content among American viewers who are increasingly embracing international series. Since 2019, non-English viewership in the US has increased by 71%, and 97% of US Netflix members have chosen to watch at least one non-English title in the past year. The surge in events is even more dramatic for the Korean drama, whose viewership in the United States rose more than 200% between 2019 and 2021.

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