Squid Game is now Netflix’s biggest series launch to date.

Will there be a second season of squid game? Seems inevitable.

Netflix / Yangqiu Park.

On Tuesday, Netflix announced this on Twitter. Squid game. It was watched by 111 million viewers. We Doubtless it is comingBut now it’s official: Squid Game is Netflix’s biggest start to a TV show. Ever

Netflix co-CEO Ted Serendus suggested that this could happen, saying that the breakout hit was “a great opportunity” for Netflix to become the biggest show ever. On October 1, he said that it was number one in the world and that it would “certainly” be the largest non-English language show in the world.

The Korean series, which focuses on the Battle Royale-style game show where rivals fight to the death for massive cash prizes, has been a huge event, affecting devotion (and Memes) In its growing fan base. The announcement means that Squid Game has now surpassed popular shows such as Bridgeton and Lupine as the most popular Netflix shows.

One is The second series In works? Nothing has been announced yet. But given the success of Season 1, it’s definitely inevitable.

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