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A few days ago, the big tech news was that Jack Dorsey was retiring from his role as CEO of Twitter and focusing on Square, which he founded in 2009.

Two days later, it was announced that Square would now rebrand under the block’s umbrella. Like Meta and Alphabet, Blockchain is a core company – Square Square will remain, just as Facebook is still Facebook. The only real product name change is Square Crypto, which will now be known as Spiral.

Block the logo.

The move has reportedly been in the works for more than a year. However, despite the best efforts of the marketing team to spread the reference, it is reasonably clear that blockchain is a reference to the technology that powers cryptocurrencies.

Dorsey has long been a proponent of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins. With PayPal and MasterCard entering the crypto space, it was only a matter of time before Square’s attention was diverted from the legacy.

The recent MetaRe brand has received a lot of scrutiny, but the new block brand has received a lot of positivity. So what’s the difference?

Corporate rebrands in general, especially in Fantastic, are hateful exercises in cowardice, where all traces of personality are in favor of a good safe breath serif and the logo mark is removed as a form of tick or wave. ۔ It’s not blockbuster, which feels like a cross between a hard night in the Apple Store and Berlin.

Yes, the logo type is sans-serif – it’s Pilat, of course. But the letters are pleasingly wide, and the overall shape of each is a round square. So much so that the ‘K’ feels a bit out of place due to the round features of the other letters. Most obviously, it’s a big one, which is nothing new in itself, except that it breaks down with the current trend of lower case letters. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a brand that doesn’t mimic everything in space.

The logo type is crowned with a cheerful brave mark. A shape-shifting, rotating cube on the surface of which the rainbow of Milan dances and plays as it turns and rotates. Interestingly, the dynamic form of the logo mark is considered the basic version, with static versions used only when needed.

The logo is not perfect – obviously, a color-dependent design makes itself much better in dark mode than anything else – a good logo should be strong enough to work well in any context. However, I have design intentions to express myself, and the playfulness with which it does.


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