Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office Responds to Book Burning Event Promoted on Facebook | education

Troy Skibo, a spokesperson for the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, said he will maintain his presence at the next school board meeting in response to the book-burning event scheduled by a local Facebook group.

The anonymously operated page, Spotsy 411, posted the event on November 22, urging parents in Spotsylvania to have their children check books from the school library they want removed, and bring them to a school board meeting on December 13, where we “will” burn every one of them “.

The event disappeared from the page on November 25 and the page is no longer live on Facebook as of November 28.

Skebo said the sheriff’s office met with the county Fire Marshal office this week to discuss the event and informed the school department that burning books would be a violation of state and local fire laws.

Spotsy 411 has also published the names and workplaces of all school department staff who spoke at the school board meeting on November 15 in opposition to the board’s decision to remove “sexually explicit” books from library shelves without following established policy to challenge library materials.

The board canceled the vote to withdraw the books at its November 15 meeting.

The two board members who were at a previous meeting in November said the books they objected to — Cortland representative Rabih Abu Ismail and Livingston representative Kirk Twigg — should be burned — voted against repealing the takedown.


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