Spotsylvania School Board orders libraries to remove ‘sexually explicit’ books | education

“It is incumbent upon us to make sure that whatever the policy says we need to do, we do it, and if there is something that needs strengthening, it is up to us to do it,” Sims said.

But Abu Ismail said ongoing operations “did not succeed” and demanded an immediate audit of all school department library holdings.

He said he didn’t like the idea of ​​a rap book on the school department library shelves for another night and that the fact that it was in a school library meant that public schools “would rather have our kids read gay pornography than Christ.”

Abu Ismail accused department director Scott Baker of not taking proactive action by looking at the school’s library holdings before parents raised their concerns.

“Dr. Baker, I saw this coming from Northern Virginia—didn’t it ever occur to you to check what’s in our libraries?” he asked.

Baker said he would take responsibility for any failures in the library’s book selection process.

“I wouldn’t have considered doing an audit because I have great confidence in and trust our librarians,” he said. “If we find something missed in a process, we improve the process. There was no bad faith here. We don’t have all the information.”

Battlefield representative Baron Braswell noted that what one person finds offensive, another may not, and requested time for department staff to examine its internal operations.


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