Spotify will allow all anchor podcasters based in the United States to sell subscriptions.

Spotify is increasing the number of people who can offer subscription podcasts and run their shows on its service. Today, the company announced that all podcaster anchors based in the United States can use its podcast creation and distribution platform to sell subscriptions for special episodes, including private RSS feeds and the Spotify app. Will be available via, otherwise support private shows on RSS.

With the extended rollout, Spotify says it is adding more pricing options – 20 out of three – and giving podcasters the ability to download the email addresses of their paying users. This means they can stay in touch with the group and move the list elsewhere if they ever anchor. (Listeners have to choose.)

Spotify says international users will be able to sell subscriptions in the future, and will be able to access PayPal content starting September 15.

As this subscription product was first launched in April, Spotify will not reduce revenue until 2023, when it will cost 5%. There is no button yet to subscribe to live shows within Spotify, though, which means that if a listener wants to subscribe to an anchor podcast, he or she will have to go to an external website. To do so, possibly via a show notice link. This means that podcasters have to keep making noise where listeners can find a link to subscribe, which adds to the friction in the process.

In contrast, Apple’s Podcast subscription product, which it launched in June and generates huge revenue cuts, comes with an app button. However, Apple will not provide podcasters with any specific contact information for its users. All of these solutions are leading to a world in which podcasters can operate multiple backends, if only on each platform. Apple podcasts require podcasters to use its backend, and if they want to take advantage of the app button, manually upload episodes to it, while Spotify hosts at anchor for Spotify But listening needs to be made possible.

Spotify is also working on a technology called Open Access, which works with third parties to bring payload content into the app, but those partnerships are still preliminary, with most partners still developing the technology. And merging it.

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