Spotify Rapid 2021 is a disturbing, funny time capsule.

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Earlier this week, New Yorker Author Amanda Petrosch wrote an essay on her 2021 favorite albums. The choices were beautiful and thought-provoking, but it was their offer that was amazing. Last year, Petroschich noted that she would “appreciate the separation of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlistening from the purposeful use of so-called music; I found myself drawn to albums that were basic, soft, free-music that Really felt. Of Not like a reflection of the world and its meditation. I feel that he is not alone.

This idea is largely due to the fact that the launch of Spotify Rapid 2021 has also been highlighted this week. The annual release of the tool, which allows Spotify users to get analytics about their most played music, has become like a holy day on the Internet or, as such, Posted by a Twitter user.“Both gay Christmas and Twitter’s Met Gala.” One way to express yourself, is to post screenshots of your Spotify Wrapped, then, a way to call both music obsession and overall. # Temperaments (Have you heard much of Taylor Swift? You are not alone.)

As in previous years, Spotify’s data release includes lists of the world’s most streamed artists. And as in previous years, the 2021 data includes a lot of Bed Bunny and Drake. Unlike previous years, or at least before 2020, the results provided a sometimes disturbing, sometimes humorous glimpse into the collective psyche.

On the humorous side, we have tweets. like this, Pointing to a spotty-wrapped commentary in which someone’s excessive sea ant listening session was described as “disappointing.” On the disturbing side, even more tweets indicate how depressing music people have been in the past year. Of course, people may have been listening to Justin Bieber and Doja Kate, but they were also listening to a number of Modlin Emo and other such Moody presentations. Author Emery Lord wrote, “You can hide your emotional state from your friends, doctors, and even yourself.” “But you can’t hide from Spotify.” Musician Dodi Tweeted“Spotify wrapped up [you] People are gay / sad. “Another user Put it out More specifically: “I like to wrap up Spotify because how else can I remember how depressed I was from January to October.”

For others (e.g., a handful of people in my group chat and WorkSlack), the wrap was just a reflection of how deep specific interests are – Show Tunes, Tennessee D, curiously referred to as “Midwest Emo”. Identified on – Launched in 2021. In many ways, music consumption has changed over the last two years, as Petrosch pointed out in his piece. People are listening more but discovering less. It became easier to live with what was accustomed to, or, in the words of Depiche mode, just to enjoy in silence. Listeners didn’t dive deep into the sea slogans in 2021 because there were no new pop, rock, or hip hop songs; they did so because it was satisfying, a moment of harmony from fellow travelers who There were also once adrift set.

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