Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Man is the best superhero movie ever.

Jump into this masterpiece.

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In the background, no one was ready for it. Spider-Man: In Spider-Wars.. We are not used to being masterpieces of superhero movies. We are accustomed to moderation.

Ordinary, we like it. We thirst for it Use its marketing materials, Drip fed our hungry tongues. Nothing usually quenches thirst. Love it Can’t get enough. Please elaborate further on this moderation.

Thank you, Disney, thank you, Marvel, for moderation. To invent a template and never get lost. for the 22-The film is forever associated with a three-star film.. We are used to it now. That’s probably a good thing. I used to complain about superhero fatigue.Now I embrace grinding. Go for your life, Marvel, make your own three star movies. At least they are not. The rise of Skywalker.. No, they are. ordinary And that’s good?

Yet, unfortunately for Marvel, every now and then a superhero movie comes to theaters to remind you of what magic looks like. Rethinking your idea of ​​what “good” is. In 2018, that movie was Into the Spider Wars.

And by God, you should see it.

But look at your own risk. seriously. I have spent the last five years without thinking about superhero movies that are safe to come by. After going to Spider-Wars, it’s hard to go back to seeing it literally repeating itself for years.

It is a weak jaw.

Are you ready for a hyperbolic, completely frivolous look at why Into the Spider-Wars is the best superhero movie of the last decade and beyond?

Sony Pictures Animation

Excellent. Let’s begin.

It’s probably best to start with aesthetics and visual design.

Producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller wanted Spider-Wars to have a unique look from the start, with more than 140 animators copying comic book art by combining computer animation with a handmade style.

I was rude when I heard about it. Films that take visual risks or guide unique art styles are well-reviewed by default. “This is your cookie to do something different.” It’s the kind of thing that makes movie critics spit like Pavlov’s dogs.

But that’s not enough, right? Lots of animated movies (* cough *) Cobo and two wires.) Are the pioneers of the fine arts but are full of snooze festivals. This is not the case here.

SpiderWars has an integrated aesthetic, but what really elevates the film is how innovative it is, how dynamic it is, with visual storytelling.

Screenshot-2019-06-28- at-2-57-19-pm

It’s great to tell a visual story.

Sony Pictures Animation

I always think of the scene when Peter Parker and Miles Morales, the two main “Spider-Man”, try to escape from the villain’s lab. They have been spotted and every scientist in the building moves immediately. Except for one. Who only eats his lunch. He has seen it all before. This is a villain’s lair. There are always some superheroes trying to mess with their shit. It’s just another day at the office. Literally. She just wants to end her tea break.

It’s a split second, but deceives a crazy attachment with detail. Determined to be innovative, to destroy, to be attached to strange ideas and to be brave with them. It’s a spirit that influences every frame of the film.

Screenshot-2019-06-28- at-3-05-36-pm

Kingpin, bad man.

Sony Pictures Animation

About the visual design of the Kingpin, which is almost hilariously large, but still produces an incredibly scary glow.

What about the fact that Spider-Wars brings together characters from different universes (Nair, Anime, 1930’s traditional animation) seamlessly, giving each one its own unique visual mood, but no Somehow everything doesn’t feel like it’s in the same movie.

Screenshot-2019-06-28- at-3-07-07-pm

“That could be weird!”

Sony Pictures Animation

It is ignoring this movie. Runs – Schizophrenic speed with Action Sevens that never disappoints, and never ceases to amaze you. Like when Miles Morales gets stuck with one hand unconscious Peter Parker and the other gets stuck with a moving subway train and chaos ensues. Or when an inexperienced morale has to use his powers to get into the abyss and avoid the propeller, each sequence jumps off the screen with an intense, dramatically overly active sense of imagination. It seems that once carefully planned, but done without planning.

It is impossible to take your eyes off the screen.

The script is [chef’s kiss]

It is not necessary that Scripts Which is raised in the spider verse. “Script” is just a complete term for a story, which takes the journey of a traditional hero and turns him in all sorts of strange directions. This traditional Spider-Man myth (a man bites a spider, a man sees his uncle die, a man encourages him to rise to his responsibilities) and puts an end to it while respecting this untimely storytelling tool. does.

It even tells itself as a true story, in a metaphorical sense, without being pressured or returning to the audience at the moment of the journey to become Spider-Man of Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: Resolving all these internal responsibilities in Spider-Wars does an incredible job of easily or – at least -. Masking The effort to make a superhero movie does everything perfectly.

In its own way, there is a little miracle in the Spider verse.

In fact, it is one. too big Miracle

It does all this without delaying or delaying their reception. Much of his storytelling comes without a show. It tells the stories of many characters with justice. Miles Morales’ journey is, of course, brilliantly told, but so is the old man Peter Parker, a Spider-Man we’ve never seen before: a middle-aged, bored, depressed, broken marriage. A man who wants to take a bus instead of walking around New York City. Even Kingpin is a sympathetic villain, driven by a desire to save his wife and children from death.

Every loose end is tied-quickly, precisely, intelligently, without a problem اس so that almost every other superhero movie feels crappy and old-fashioned.

This movie feels. Real

For an animated film about. Six spiders of six different dimensions. Using supernatural powers to defeat a 900-pound man and robot cyborg in a suit, Into the Spider Wars is remarkable.

It’s a story about the family, what it means to be a father, what it means to be a son. What does it mean to live up to the expectations of others and live up to your potential? It feels more like any other animated film I’ve ever seen. Performed. It has the uncanny energy and heart of screw ball comedy, an incredible measure of superhero action.

You have to go back to the Iron Giant or The Incredibles to find an animated film that feels like this. Real A film that delivers on almost every possible spectrum that you can invent, but still feels original and new.

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man: In Spider-Wars, you’re selling yourself short. Like me, you’ve probably spent the last few decades in the mediocre state of superhero daredevils. Okay fine. That’s good.

But maybe it’s worth reminding yourself of what it’s like to enjoy something great.

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