Spider-Man 3: The Nine Way Home Trailer features Marvel Multiverse (and Dr. Octopus)

Dr. Strange added Peter Parker to Spider-Man: Nine Way Home.

Marvel / Sony.

After months of speculation, rumors and even leaks, finally the first trailer. Spider-Man: No way home. here is. Marvel Cinematic Universe (and Sony) has blown up Multiverse for the third Tom Holland Spidey Sky. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Alfred Molina is bringing back the heavily armed villain Dr. Octopus for the first time since Spider-Man 2 in 2004 – and is that even a hint of Green Goblin?

Check out the trailer below. Dr. Strange. (Benedict Cumberbatch) Stepping into Tony Stark’s shoes as Peter Parker’s mentor, the MCU was given the wrong advice.

Does not show trailer. Jamie Foxx, Who allegedly reprized his role as an electro from the films in which Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man. And although there is no place for Spider-Man other than Holland in the new trailer, Garfield and his predecessor, Toby McGuire, may be involved. In the Multiverse Spinning Adventure – confirmed by Spider Series co-star JB Samuio in an interview with The Alumni.

In the trailer, Peter is seen with the results of 2019. Spider-Man: Away from home, In which the world discovered his secret spyday identity. He turns to Dr. Strange, who will erase everyone’s memories. No, it doesn’t go to plan, and there’s a lot of madness going on.

“We tampered with the stability of space-time,” Dr. Strange told Peter. “Multiverse is a concept we know terribly little about.” There should probably be a conversation with them. لوکی, Who have recently put Multiverse in motion. Disney Plus Series

The trailer shows Peter experimenting with an astronomical plane, as well as a tripod magic that sees the entire city sink to the ground. Oh, and how did Otto Activis, aka Dak Oak, come back? [spoiler] Sacrifice yourself through your mechanical tentacles at the end of Spider-Man 2? At 2:28, we also see a spherical green bomb that looks a lot like the evil Green Goblin used in Maguire’s first Spider-Man movie in 2002.

After 2017. coming home. And 2019 Away from homeThe third Spider-Man in the latest Spider-Man series is rumored to see a crossover with the previous movie version of the friendly neighborhood Wall Crawler.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Faggie has confirmed that he will be attending nineway home events. Dr. Ajib in the multitude of madness, Ending March 2022.

Third Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland once again played Peter Parker in Spider-Man Adventure, accompanied by Zendaya, Marissa Tommy and Jacob Battalion. Director John Watts Behind the cameras again, Nineway Home crashed into cinemas on December 17.

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