Southwest Airlines has canceled hundreds of flights, blaming air traffic control and weather issues

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights have been canceled or delayed, including dozens at Houston’s Hobby Airport as part of a major nationwide problem.

While the airline blames the problems on air traffic control and weather issues.

“ATC issues and inclement weather led to a large number of cancellations over the weekend as we work to restore our operations,” Southwest said in a tweet.

flight tracking website It states that Southwest canceled more than 1,000 flights on Sunday across the country and there were delays affecting more than 150 flights.

“Don’t fly southwest today! I’ve never seen so many canceled flights! They say it’s because of ‘weather’ LOL! Well, I’ll pretend I believe it,” one traveler wrote on Twitter.

“My family is stuck in Houston without our luggage and sleeping in our clothes,” another passenger wrote on Twitter. “My wife and son sleep in their contacts because they have no solution or replacement parts. We don’t have their medication. It’s your fault SouthwestAir.HobbyAirport is complicit!”

Rumors On Saturday I circulated a strike over the COVID-19 vaccine in Jacksonville, Florida’s air traffic control center, but those reports were unfounded as of Sunday morning.

ATCSkyCat tweeted: “Speaking to a few people who work there seems to have been the perfect storm for weekend traffic, wx, and hiring.” “It won’t stop the conspiracy theories though.”

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