Soulja Trolls Tyga boy after surrendering to the police

Earlier today, Tyga did his word and voluntarily turned himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) after his ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson alleged that he assaulted her yesterday. If you remember, the accident happened after Camarin allegedly showed up at his house unwelcome and started screaming. The incident escalated when she allegedly entered the house, as the screaming continued, and Tyga allegedly assaulted her. After the news broke, Camarin shared photos of the bruises with an alleged text message from rapper “Taste”. according to TMZTyga faces a possible domestic violence felony charge over the alleged incident.

While people kept talking about Tyga’s actions, his name was trending on Twitter. Several Twitter users seem to have something to say about the alleged assault, including Soulja Boy. It’s no secret that rappers have had problems in the past, but today Big Draco announced that Tyga was “fu***d up now”. The trolling started when he shared a photo of Tyga next to Camaryn with her bruised body with the caption “Tyga!!!!!!??? She just got the biggest comeback!”

There was no tube there. During the live broadcast, he took the opportunity to talk about the alleged incident more. Soulja said Tyga is “here hitting girls and **t. What’s wrong with you man?” However, while Soulja enjoyed trolling Tyga, some people on Twitter indicated that Soulja was also called out for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley.

If you remember, in May, Soulja was sued for abusing an unidentified ex-girlfriend who claimed his abuse caused her to get… miscarriage In 2015. Additionally, in July 2021, another woman, Kayla Myers, summoned Solja for assault in a separate incident. Kayla asked a judge to issue a hypothetical $2 million judgment after he did not respond to her initial lawsuit claiming he hit her with a pistol. Rooms, what do you think of this?

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