Sony’s subsidiary PS5 makes SSDs that are out of your reach.

Sony’s subsidiary Nexterage has released an SSD that is perfect for the PS5 (through Tom’s Hardware): It has a heat sink (which Sony says it needs), is fast enough to carry out Sony’s recommendations well, and comes in 1TB and 2TB variants, which let you Provides ample storage for games. Catch? It’s very expensive, not available in the US, and it doesn’t seem to be an “PlayStation Approved” stamp, despite its maker’s association with Sony.

NextStory describes itself as a “Sony Group company that specializes in the memory storage solutions business” and its NEM-PA SSD fits all the boxes for PlayStation 5 compatibility. When the first news of the drive broke, it seemed that there was a solution to the confusion that could currently come with increasing the storage of your PS5. In fact, the NextStore drive seems to fit perfectly. Gigazine Actually one tested and said it’s not just as fast as the console’s internal SSD (at least when it comes to game times), fits into the slot of the NEM-PA PS5 like … OK That is, as it was made for it.

It sounds pretty, but why does it say “experimented with nectarine?”
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But nothing in life is perfect or straightforward, so we need to heed some warnings. One is that the SSD doesn’t appear for sale outside of Japan: we couldn’t find anything from Nextore on Amazon US, Navig, or B&H. Second, it doesn’t seem like a big deal in Japan based on its list price – the 1TB model is listed for 36,444 yen, which is about $ 330. For comparison, one of our top PS5 SSD picks is the WD Black SN850, the 1TB version of which is listed at the same Japanese store for 29,540 yen, or about $ 270 USD.

It doesn’t look like the PlayStation team necessarily had a ton of involvement with this SSD, yet NextStory is a subsidiary of Sony. (It even has a caveat, as Sony’s role seems closer to that of co-owner. Digitimes Reports that Feisen Electronics now owns 49% of the company, a fact supported by Nexterage’s page. Is:

Performance with PlayStation 5 is tested via Nexterage.

This is not a product developed under the license program of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Compatibility and performance are not guaranteed for all game titles.

This is one of the two product images on the Yudobashi store. If you take a closer look, you can see a reference to the PS5.
Photo: Yudobashi/Next stock

That’s not to say that NextStore isn’t binding this SSD to the PS5, because it’s working hard – the product page includes a section about installing the drive in the console, as well as a section that it How to use PlayStation Games . But for those of us who would simplify the storage situation for the Sony PS5, that’s not the case – at least not until Sony gives it a PlayStation approval stamp and a global release. Don’t plan.

Since there’s no reason to buy this drive on anyone else (unless it’s just in stock and you’re disappointed), you’ll want to check out our PS5 SSD Buyer’s Guide.

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