Sonis says its new 4-speaker system looks like a 12-speaker system

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Sonis says its new 4-speaker system looks like a 12-speaker system


Sony has just announced its new, most expensive HT-A9 sound system and HT-A7000 sound bar. Launching in September (or October) at 8,800 and 3,1,300, both products look like the perfect solution for audio-obsessed gamers or movie buffs. However, the HT-A9 speakers are particularly interesting because of their bizarre functionality.

The HT-A9 is a four-speaker sound system with no dedicated subwoofer or sound bar. It is intended for those who want a home sound experience without having to rearrange the furniture – Sony says speakers can improve their sound regardless of their location, using built-in mics, and You can map your room to make 12 “Phantom” speakers.

Honestly, it’s weird to make such a claim, even though anyone with a Google Home Max or Apple Home Pod knows the modern speaker. Can Improve yourself for an unconventional environment. And even if the HT-A9 fails to synthesize “Phantom” speakers, they do have impressive specs. Dolby Atoms and DTS have: X support via streaming services 8K HDMI Passstro, support for high-resolution audio and 360 reality audio (a Sony technology), and support for Chromecast, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect protocols. ۔ Google Assistant and Alexa also appear, although the home kit is missing.

Sony HT-A7000 sound bar

The new HT-A7000 sound bar is slightly more traditional and affordable than the weird HT-A9 system. It is a 7.1.2 channel system that mimics the surround sound of a combination of up-firing speakers, beam twitters, multiple front speakers, and a built-in dual subwoofer. And like the HT-A9, the HT-A7000’s sound bar uses microphones to enhance itself in its living room.

Significantly, the HT-A7000 supports the same protocol as the HT-A9 system. This means Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, wireless streaming from music services, and voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa. Can do

Launch the HT-A9 sound system and HT-A7000 sound bar in September or October 2021 (Sony has not yet decided). They will cost 8 1,800 and 1 1,300 respectively, so it’s time to start using Piggy.

Source: Sony

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