Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Won’t Block New York City School Vaccination Authorization

justice Sonia Sotomayor Refrain from blocking a vaccine mandate for New York City Public school staff on Friday.

A group of four employees have challenged the demand, which is due to go into effect on Friday afternoon.

Under the rule, teachers must show evidence of at least one snapshot of COVID-19. Regular testing in lieu of vaccination is not an option under the state, which is part of the competitors’ argument. They say the city should give them an option to test for coronavirus rather than just ordering a vaccine and that the mandate would violate their constitutional rights.

Unvaccinated teachers say they will have to go on vacation.

At least 90% of teachers in New York City One shot was picked up by COVID-19, according to reports.

The Supreme Court’s move keeps the vaccine mandate in place while the case appeals. A lower court gave the go-ahead for the requirement earlier this week.

justice Sotomayor Supervises emergency calls from New York and worked on it she has Special to reduce demand to block the requirements of the city.

This is the second time the Supreme Court has considered a vaccine debate.

This year, Judge Amy Connie Barrett refused to block a vaccine demand for students at Indiana University while their case was heard in lower court.

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