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Sometimes SEO is not the answer

Google’s John Mرller tells frustrated site owners that sometimes there is no SEO solution that will improve a site’s ranking in search results.

This is stated in the response to the trade title on Reddit: “If I hire an SEO expert service, will they be able to find out what’s wrong with my website and help me improve it?”

Site owners provide more details in the thread, saying they lost all traffic to their website six years ago.

The site owner writes, “I just blog, I don’t do any coding or anything, I don’t even do link building.”


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Given that they are not actively using any of the search engine optimization techniques, they are wondering if an SEO professional can help them get their traffic back.

In response, the site owner does not want to hear, Muller says SEO will not help in any case.

What do you mean SEO won’t help?

The website lost its traffic six years before it was considered, and has not recovered, M مولller said, adding that SEO could not help.

This is not due to Google’s fines or technical issues, as they can be treated with SEO.

Mرller said the site’s strategy could now be obsolete.


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“One of the things to keep in mind is that there may be no SEO solution. 6 years is a long time, and Web + Google News + everything around it is a little bit developed.

Sometimes it’s not a technical issue, sometimes it’s not something you can fix just by “buying a bunch of links”, sometimes it’s just that the site’s strategy is now obsolete. “

The strategy of any website can be stale and for many reasons, many of which are beyond the control of the site.

As M مولller puts it, life develops significantly over a period of six years. It takes a long time for topics to be synchronized and information to become obsolete.

If a website publishes a post that people no longer care about, no amount of SEO will help.

The same is true of websites that sell older websites, as Mرller offers an example of a website that sells VHS tapes.

A site can follow every good SEO practice, but it doesn’t matter if one doesn’t look for it.

“You have a great website, make it fast, you have” high authority and trustworthiness “(although you want to explain it), but if you are selling VHS cassettes You’re going to have a bad time. It’s more obvious when it involves a physical product, but if the material is your product, the same applies.


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It’s unusual for googlers to stop people from asking for help with SEO, which makes Mرller’s comments on the Reddit thread remarkable.

This is an important angle to consider at times. If, despite your best efforts, a site is losing traffic, is it an SEO issue or is the world moving forward?

Source: Reddit

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