Some hackers exploit 16-year-old bugs in some printers to take over your machine

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Some hackers exploit 16-year-old bugs in some printers to take over your machine

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A bug that has been hidden for 16 years has just been discovered, allowing hackers to gain administrator rights on any system using software. Weaknesses were found in software used by older printers of many major brands, including Xerox, Samsung, and HP.

The security flaw was recently discovered by Sentinel Labs, and has been released to millions of printers worldwide. “This high-risk threat, which has been present in HP, Samsung, and Xerox printer software since 2005, affects hundreds of millions of devices and millions of users worldwide,” the report said.

This bug, logged as CVE-202103438, has buffer overflow in certain printers (such as HP’s laser jet products) in the SSPORT.SYS driver, which has the potential to increase the user’s privileges locally. The researchers found that the software was installed with printer software and was loaded on each boot by Windows.

Sentinel explained, “Successful exploitation of driver vulnerabilities could allow attackers to install programs, view, modify, encrypt or delete data or create new accounts with full user rights ۔ ” Such access will enable attackers to bypass security measures that may prevent attacks or malicious payments in general.

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This risk can be taken advantage of even if the device is not connected to a computer, making it as easy as possible for hackers to increase and exploit privileges. However, to successfully take advantage of this bug, access to the local user is required, which can prevent a large number of risk actors from doing anything.

Want to see if your printer model is using the affected driver? See the device lists in Xerox’s security bulletin and in HP’s Security Advisory. Comes with Windows Update. “

Both companies are advising all businesses and home users to provide security patches as soon as possible.

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