Some great places to find ideas for icebreakers.

A few weeks ago I wrote about using Google Drawings as part of an icebreaker activity. But if you are looking for something quick and easy to talk to your new students, take a look at the following resources.

If you’ve gone through all your common icebreaker questions and want to try out some new ones, take a look at offers a list of icebreaker questions. Questions are grouped into categories for small groups, interviews, adults, work and fun. All questions can be viewed and copied individually. You can also download the list of questions in a simple PDF. is an online catalog of dozens of fun icebreaker and team builder activities. Activities are categorized according to group size and activity type. To find the right activity for your group, just select your group size, then use the activity type to find a game or activity. There is a section specifically for classrooms.

CybaryMan, Jerry Blumengarten, has an excellent icebreaker activity ideas page. This is a list he has brought from various sources over the years. Check it out when you need inspiration for a new icebreaker activity.

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