Social media helped bring these chefs out of the kitchen.

Based in a town of retirees, Reposo’s business ended because its customers feared for a Code 19 contract. “I slept every day to avoid going to work as much as possible because I was very burnt out,” she says. “I found myself lying in bed on a ridiculous amount of money.”

Reposo began making videos on New Year’s Day 2021, hoping for a fresh start for his mental health. Instead, he found ways to stay open and reach new customers in the off-season.

While other local businesses were considering closing, Reposo saw an increase in customers. Almost all night, they were as busy as they were back in the fall when there were tourists around.

“The number of people who literally walk for hours to get to the bakery is incredible,” says Reposo. “I’m not a tech learner by any means, so I had to teach myself,” she says. “There have been some real flops, but Tuck Tuck seems like the last axis of this crazy year, and my followers have done more for my business than any ad.”

Today, it has more than 600,000 followers on TikTak and they regularly meet new customers who come to buy the cake or who found it online and ordered it on their website.

Suggest it? Be positive when you put yourself and your talents on social media. “I’ve only been doing this for a few months, and I’ve already found people who hate gas stoves or my opinion of how I dress.” “I can’t make everyone happy, but I’ve learned that if I put positivity in the world, I bring it back.”

Also, don’t forget to check out the section. The night before Valentine’s Day, Reposo’s busiest holiday, she was at the bakery after midnight. “I made a video about kitchen appliances that I refuse to let go viral in the bakery,” she says. “The biggest thing I learned from this video was the look to be presented because you never know when 4 million people will see you with the biggest bag of eyes and no make-up. ۔ “

Thanks to Amber Walker.

Amber Walker is not a household name. Yet. He started his own private chef and catering company, SZND (pronounced season), at the onset of the epidemic after retiring from his full-time job as a chef for a catering company. “I was taking care of my three-year-old niece at the time because my sister, who is a nurse, was working with coward patients,” says Walker. “I struggled to recognize the fact that everything I did could end overnight.”

At the onset of the epidemic, he competed in the Favorite Chef competition. He filled out a profile, uploaded photos, and detailed his date, goals, and signature vessels. The contest promised the winner ڈالر 50,000 and a two-page spread in the next issue. Enjoy your meal. Magazine Walker hopes the funds will be used to guide more young people in their community and grow their businesses.

Although Walker did not win the competition, he ranked among the top 15 chefs in the world and used the opportunity to discover invaluable business skills. “With all the support from friends, family and the community, my business skyrocketed, and the competition led to more followers on my business pages,” she says.

Walker said, “I’ve posted on Tik Tak, Facebook and Instagram about what I did for SZND. I reached out to a lot of people, and they Congratulations on your success. “

For Walker, social media is not just about the number of followers. It’s about connecting with the community – the customers they cook for, the LGBTQ community partners, and the young people they consult. “Social media has helped me grow my business and show people that you can build a better future for yourself through hard work and commitment, rather than working for 9 or 5 or something else.”

So it makes sense that one of the suggestions of social media to promote your work or your skills is to give back to your community. As a mixed-race member of the LGBTQ + community, Walker uses social media to connect with his customers and their causes. “I donate 20% of all my profits to the local LGBTQ Foundation,” she says.


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