Snoop Dogg heats up after an Uber driver takes off with a meal, telling him the location is not a safe place

Legendary West Coast Rapper Snoop Dogg Not happy about what he’s talking about Uber Eats After the delivery man refused to deliver his merchandise, claiming the area was “not a safe place”.

The incident occurred on Thursday, January 27, when the rapper “Gin and Juice” took to his Instagram account after his meal delivery failed. Viewers can watch the exchange between the driver and the California rapper.

The driver tells Snoop that he has arrived. “It has arrived. Hello. Call plz not sure where to leave your order. Hello,” the man told Snoop. Before the star can text back, the drive sends another text that tells him, “This isn’t a safe place,” and apparently goes off with the rapper’s food, never to come back. The “Doggy Dogg World” rapper instructs the driver where to put the food, but he never responds.

Snoop Dogg is calling out Uber Eats after the delivery man refused to deliver the order, claiming the area “isn’t a safe place.” @snoopdogg/Instagram

“Muthaf-cker from f-cking Uber Eats didn’t bring my choppy food by talking about its arrival,” the 50-year-old picked up the 12-second clip. “This is not a safe place.” Punk muthaf-cker, where’s my food at, n-gga? I’ve got all my money, God damn it, you punk.”

Snoop used the caption portion of his message to call out a food delivery service, demanding to know “where my food is,” followed by several emojis of anger. Call later on your Uber Eats competitor Postmates to “holla at me”.

This video has been viewed more than 3.5 million times as fans in the comments section sympathized with the Grammy-nominated artist. “Don’t miss out with Hungry Man Food,” wrote the RAP Entertainment blog site. Another person wrote: “They need to get employees who are more serious than their co-workers.” A third Instagram user joked, “Ayooo lmfaooo, Snoop Dogg better bring this food through a war zone if he needs it.”

However, some critics called on the artist to wait after the eight-minute grace period, which began as soon as the driver announced his arrival, for a response.

“[To] Be fair, you won’t reply for 8 minutes after he said he arrived?? One reviewer wrote. Another agreed, saying, “Nobody in particular has time to sit there waiting for their ass, we have big ups.”

Uber Eats has yet to address Snoop’s modern customer service experience.

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