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SNL Synopsis: Jason Sudeikis Knows What’s Up On SNL

Jason Sudeikis was first hired as a writer in Saturday Night Live in 2003 before he took his big break and became a cast member two years later. He was on the show until 2013, a glue man who often played the straight guy in the graphics, political figures (Mitt Romney, Joe Biden), and the odd and/or Southern character (John Buffy, Who is justice? Judge Marshall T. Boudreau, Mali A Hall, Recruiting an astronaut in a potato chip). He was always a welcome presence and appeared as a selfless player on the team and was happier to contribute to the drawing than to steal the spotlight. His film career, in which he often played a romantic role (Sleeping with other people, Mother’s Day) or smarmy loafers (Terrible bosses, we are the mills), put it on a solid base, but it didn’t even happen Ted Lasso That Sudeikis truly became an award-winning superstar.

So Sudeikis was never the dominant performer on SNL during his time on the show – Fred Armisen and Will Forte were more outlandish, Andy Samburg was more popular with Lonely Island, Bill Hader was the all-carrier, Kenan Thompson was the rock , Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler have all been bigger stars with bigger jobs outside of Studio 8H – but he’s undoubtedly a star now. So in that context, Sudeikis returned to SNL this weekend to host for the first time, along with musical guest Brandi Carlile.

Throughout the episode, he’s proven to be a great host, with the same infectious energy and steady stage presence as he did in his SNL days – only this time, in his first-ever appearance. soliloquy, combined with the same unforgivable feelings that feed it Ted Lasso. SNL has changed his life twice — once as a viewer and once as a cast member — and he unabashedly believes in the power and importance of this comedic institution.

As Sudeikis pointed out in that monologue, this episode in particular “probably won’t change your life” – I’d say it generally sounded less than that. Highlight of last week’s season, but still much better than the first two episodes. And there were many outstanding drawings, first and foremost immortal What’s up with that, a ridiculous, hilarious illustration that always works no matter how many times the show comes out (for the record, this was his twelfth appearance, but only his third since Sudeikis left the show). The random lineup of guests this time around was Oscar Isaac, Emily Ratajkowski, and Nicholas Brown, whom Keenan Thompson assumed was Lindsey Buckingham dressed as Greg’s incredibly realistic cousin.

It was my other favorite planner for tonight Parent-Teacher Conference, as Sudeikis’ undeniable chemistry with Ego Nodim continued to escalate as Kyle Mooney’s hilarious uneasiness gave way to sheer panic.

I also enjoyed two miles, a pre-recorded graphic about a male daytime TV host a la Ellen, with all the inappropriate pranks (My Gritty!) and punches to tell. It’s only worth watching for the increasingly bizarre ways Sudeikis says the character’s name.

Science Room with Jason Sudeikis It was a bit of a tired plot premise, but the performances from Sudeikis, Cecily Strong, and Mikey Day were all excellent, which made this more fun than not.

Sudeikis also shined that I, in which he plays the most mysterious broker for Daddy Warbucks.

Sudeikis collaborated with Heidi Gardner on a 10 to 1 . sketch Casino suggestion, but Kenan Thompson stole the drawing as a frighteningly rich man who is so bad at negotiating, he may not actually be as rich as he claims.

Check out the rest of the sketches below: The founding fathers come up with a plot national treasure in a stadium announcement; Chris Reed was the lead on the amazing overall Commercial men’s underwear; And 2013 Joe Biden (Sudeikis) came out with Joe Biden in 2021 (James Austin Johnson) in Biden’s ghost in the cold past, which was perfectly fine and luckily didn’t last long (he also made a very brief appearance as Alex Moffat as Joe Biden in March 2021).

Weekend update He’s been extraordinarily short this week with only one guest, but at least he’s been really good: Sudeikis has brought back his recurring character. Satan on his recent achievementsHe credits climate change, Tom Brady’s youthful appearance, Florida pop-up ads, and the fact that Colin Jost married Scarlett Johansson. But don’t blame him for QAnon: “These guys are crazy. A bunch of sad psychics on the internet are thinking there’s a gang of pedophiles who worship the devil. It’s like, oops, don’t drag my good name into your sick fantasies.”

It turns out there’s a good reason it’s so short: There were two (very good) Weekend Update guests: First, Melissa Villasinor on Hispanic Heritage Month, which turns out to be related to Villaseñor’s dating life (or lack thereof). Then there was The guy who just bought a boat on Halloween dating tips, which remains one of my favorite Alex Moffat recurring characters.

music guest Brandy Carlyle He performed the songs “Broken Horses” and “Right On Time”.

No new episodes next week (NBC is showing a recurrence of Season Opening with Owen Wilson), but the show will return on November 6 with Succession Co-hosts Kieran Culkin and Ed Sheeran (if not Quarantine with COVID-19).