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SnapChat wants to help you run for office.

All of a sudden

If you’ve ever thought that you can do better than the politicians you see on TV, Snap chat Wants to help you get started. A new feature in the photo and video sharing app will help American users find local races, connect with recruiting and training organizations, start a campaign center within the app, or nominate someone else to pay their friends.

The release of the new tool sheds light on how social networks are encouraging young people to join the democratic process. In 2020, Snap chat It helped more than 1m people vote, he said.

Starting Tuesday in the SnapChat app, you can scroll down the main camera screen to find the run for off-mini. Mini is another word that Snap uses for a game or program in the app. Snap announced the new feature in a blog post, which explains that you will be able to see the steps required to go to the ballot through the software, including the required signatures and filing deadlines.

“We hope that launching ‘Run for Office’ Money will change the perception of who can be in the office – no matter who you are, where you come from, whether you belong to your local community.” I can run for office and make a difference. The issues they care about the most are, “said Sofia Grass, head of Snap’s policy partnership and social impact, in an emailed statement.

When looking for open positions, you can filter by issues, so you can find roles that focus on your concerns and interests. You’ll find filing deadlines and signed sections at the Money Campaign Center.

SnapChat will use this program to connect you to organizations like Emerge America and New American Leaders for more in-depth training.

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