Snap chat brings visual search to the fore.

Snap chat

Snap chat Expanding your visual search base with an update to a feature called Scan. Scan has long been part of the popular messaging app as a way to identify songs or solve math problems. Thursday’s update will place the feature in front and center with a button on the app’s homepage, while adding a variety of ways to help scan.

If you aim your camera at clothing, the scanner can recognize the style and suggest something similar that you can add to your closet. The scan will identify dog ​​breeds and plant or wine types. SnapChat undoubtedly hopes that Scan can be such a strong visual search engine. Google Lens, And it uses augmented reality and a variety of partners, such as Amazon and Shazam, to identify as many different types of visual input as possible.

Because SnapChat is still the first visual messaging app, Scan can also identify the type of image you’re taking and recommend a filter or accompanying piece of music. This feature called Camera Shortcut will launch on iOS version of SnapChat on Thursday and will be available on Android by the end of the year. Shortcuts will help you set the correct camera mode to get the best view.

“In the long run, we see the camera doing a lot better than it does today,” said Eva Jean, head of Snap’s camera products, in an interview with The Verge.

Scan will eventually be able to use old photos and screenshots through SnapChat memories. At launch, you’ll be able to target the live camera to a piece of cloth to find something like this. Soon, Snap says, you’ll be able to take a screenshot of something you like, then use the scan to find it later in the memo.

SnapChat’s support site lists multiple partners that are already connected, including Google Maps for navigation, Michelin for restaurant information, and even Lift and Uber if you need a ride. ۔

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