Site Migration and Holiday Site Code Freezing Plan. [Podcast]

We’re already in Q3, which means the holiday shopping season is approaching. Are you ready to freeze season code with Site Migration?

It’s great to be part of a conversation before emigrating; you even get an email saying, “Hey, we’ve made a change, but why is the traffic slowing down?” Is the transition PTSD in order?

Nick Ranger, a senior technical SEO specialist at Studio Hawk, spoke with Lauren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, about the potential search engine migration issues at the Search Engine Journal show and why it’s important to prioritize SEO reform. But before and after the holiday season. No one has time to deal with year-end code freezing.


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“If the client’s goal is to make a successful migration, you can find everything in a forensic way through the tools provided from an SEO point of view.” ۔ Good Ranger.

[0:00] – Get to know the good ranger.

[3:47] – Different forms of site migration.

[6:34] – How the best campaign works and the rule of thumb.

[7:36] – Why are customers upset when the site migrates?

[8:41] – What is harmful for migration?

[9:39] – Website migration instance failed.

[13:32] – What should people feel about giant teams?

[15:11] – Site developers who give incorrect information are asked to find out things about Google.

[16:20] – What you need first before migrating.

[17:14] – The easiest thing in a project.


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[20:38] – Important questions to ask.

[23:55] Why is it called migration PTSD and how to avoid it.

[29:13] – How the good move forward to make sure nothing is lost.

[30:48] – Key elements to test.

[33:20] – List of things to monitor.

[34:37] – https is very important to check and another crazy story.

[37:19] – An observation on migration

[43:47] – Nike’s hobbies outside of SEO and what it still has to do with SEO.

[52:32] – How to evaluate the success of a website migration.

[54.23] – What to see.

This is something I admire about SEO, it can be extraordinarily technical but you can also be extraordinarily creative because none of what we do succeeds without the other. To speak clearly. ۔ Good Ranger.

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Nick Ranger is a Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Studio Hawk, Australia’s largest SEO agency. He is also a member of SEO Collective, a group of SEO professionals who organize monthly events, help people and make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

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