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Simu Liu from Shang-Chi splits social media as racist and sexist posts surface

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu splits social media after the actor’s controversial old posts surfaced online.

Actor Simu Liu reached the height of fame with the launch of Marvel Studios’ Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star has now fallen under intense scrutiny from audiences everywhere, some of which have exposed old posts from Liu’s now-deleted social media accounts.

Comments that Liu posted under the username /u/nippedinthebud between 2013-2019 appeared online recently. In these books, Liu apparently expressed what some considered problematic opinions in general on a variety of topics. For example, one post says, “I’m interested in gender equality but girls are not as good as boys in sports and whenever I play volleyball with a girl on the team I always get frustrated. Sometimes I say things.” Another read, “From a biological point of view [pedophilia] It’s no different than being gay — a small mutation in the genome that determines our sexual preferences,” a view that Liu claimed developed after researching the matter for a role.

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The posts seemed to divide social media, with some noting that many posts were either intentionally or mistakenly taken out of context. One user explained that claims about Leo’s participation in “incel subreddits” are exaggerated. “[/r/aznidentity] The incel incel subreddit was not in 2016. It’s just a subreddit for Asians. Not Asian Guys – Asian period,” confirmed Twitter user Lewis Parker. The user went further and showed that many of Liu’s comments from this subreddit were from the same post. About rest kim, Canadian sitcom presented Liu breakthrough role.

The shang chi star He didn’t directly respond to the growing conversation about his social media activity, but after tagging him in a thread, he pointed to a tweet sent in 2019, writing, “Great is this here.” In a tweet, he explained that he was only trying to defend the positivity before saying, “Disclaimer: If you search far enough, I’m sure you’ll find an immature version of me that has succumbed to anger and hate.” It makes me a hypocrite; This makes me human. Mindsets evolve. We transform and grow. And I want us all to grow in the right way.” It should be noted that this was not originally written in response to any particular issue. At the time of writing, Simu Liu has not provided a response in any other way.

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