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Simplilearn and Caltech CTME launched a postgraduate program in full-stack web development.

Simplilearn announced its collaboration with Caltech CTME (Caltech’s Center for Technology and Management Education) to offer a specialized online postgraduate program in full-stack web development. The new certification program extends Caltech CTME’s open entry offerings in software engineering, such as Dave Ops and Cloud Computing.

The online postgraduate program in full-stack web development combines the educational excellence of CTME, Caltech’s professional learning function, with Simplilearn’s mixed learning delivery model. The mixed learning environment combines live online classes, self-learning, labs and projects, peer coordination, and 24/7 access to teaching assistants (TAs). The masterclasses are taught by Celtic CTME instructors with extensive real-world experience in coding and web-based architectures.

In addition to a comprehensive curriculum with basic concepts and state-of-the-art industry practices, the program also provides Cape Stone projects in four web-centric features: e-commerce, food delivery, recreation and healthcare. This mixed learning approach ensures that program participants gain an in-depth understanding of the basics and have extensive opportunities for practice and learning. Learners can access white papers and networks with a peer group of global professionals.

“As businesses move online and experience the benefits of digitalisation, this is becoming a need for developers of these digital solutions. There is a growing demand for full-stack developers,” said Apple Narayanan, Chief Product Officer, Sampler. With knowledge of backend and frontend software and all related technologies, wherever the job role is needed and the breadth of technology that is in high demand, the career prospects of full stack web developers are strong. Introducing the PGP FullStack Web Development Program in partnership with Caltech CTME, we, at Simplilearn, provide our learners with industry insights for their development projects. They want to create a ready workforce by equipping them with relevant skills.

“The world feels it has stopped as the COVID-19 epidemic continues, but technology is still advancing, and the skill gap between skills and job requirements is widening. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum. We are pleased to be expanding our software engineering courses through Simplilearn, so that software developers around the world have the opportunity to pursue a certificate program from Caltech. ”

The top three actors in each group will receive a special recognition. Program graduates will be qualified for 25 CEUs (continuing education units) that can be applied to professional qualifications and employer development needs. Other benefits include membership in the CTME Circle and enrollment in Simplilearn’s JobAssist job placement service.


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