Should we allow skating in our immaculate house?

Dear Amy: My wife and I keep a clean house. It is our sanctuary!

Amy Dickinson

We live in a different country than the majority of the family. My cousins ​​have made it clear that they expect to stay with us as house guests while they visit our area.

This particular family chooses to live in miserable conditions. They have four young children whose morals and behavior are also quite a challenge.

We don’t think this family will change the moment they cross our doorstep.

Others say we should accept their hosting. The theme seems to be that we must make a sacrifice and deal with the agonizing guests of the house, for that is exactly what you do when it is of your own flesh and blood.

My position is that it is unfair to make us villains for wanting to avoid the experience of hosting these people in our home.


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